About Us

IssueLab, a service of the Foundation Center, works to more effectively gather, index, and share the collective intelligence of the social sector. We provide free access to thousands of case studies, evaluations, white papers, and issue briefs addressing some of the world's most pressing social problems. We are also committed to increasing access to this knowledge by making it broadly available through this website, other Foundation Center websites, distributed Knowledge Centers, and content-sharing partnerships with libraries, archives, and online communities. As well, we are working with foundations and nonprofits to adopt a common set of publishing practices, such as the adoption of open licenses and the use of open repositories like this one, to support greater knowledge sharing at the collective level.

IssueLab became a project of the Foundation Center in 2012 when its collection was merged with that of PubHub. Together we are building one of the sector's largest knowledge bases and the capacity and tools for meaningful knowledge mobilization.

Recent Thoughts and Activities
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