Custom Knowledge Centers
Knowledge Centers can help you to more effectively collect and share the knowledge that describes and informs your efforts.

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You don't need to build a custom publications section or have in-house expertise in maintaining an online library. In order to build a Knowledge Center we simply take the look and feel of your own website and wrap it around our existing Knowledge Center tools, bringing all of the resources you want to share into a single searchable, browseable, and easily maintainable collection that looks and feels like your own website. You can choose to include publications from your own archive, resources from IssueLab's collection of 12,000+ objects, knowledge products from your own network members or grantees, and/or a selection of resources from the field.

The value of the Knowledge Center service goes well beyond its strengths as a content management system.

What makes them truly unique is that Knowledge Centers are part of a networked knowledge management and knowledge sharing system that builds on the collective intelligence of the social sector.

When your organization adds a resource to your Knowledge Center it doesn't just stay on your website or reach only your immediate audience. It is also added to the larger IssueLab platform where it is made available to our own global audience, to data partners who harvest the collection for resources that are valuable to their own users, to other Foundation Center web properties such as Grantspace and issue-specific information portals, to Worldcat the global catalog used by tens of thousands of libraries, and to the Foundation Center's social media subscribers and followers.

What in the past was just a far-flung collection of disparate and disconnected e-libraries can now be connected by a single system that catalogues, indexes, and shares this diverse body of knowledge through a distributed network, bringing it to thousands more users where they are already gathering online.