Charter Schools in Public School Buildings: Best Practices for Co-Location
This report is the result of extensive study of the practice of "co-location" in the New York City public school systems.

Co-location occurs when two or more schools are located in the same building and share common spaces, such as auditoriums, gymnasiums, and cafeterias. While co-location can involve two or more public schools, this paper generally focuses on the co-locating of charter schools in district school buildings. This paper does not join in the debate about whether or not co-location should exist. Rather, the research includes an examination of several co-located schools to see how the process has worked-or not- in real situations. As a result, this paper sets forth best practices for making co-locations workable and equitable. Based on this study, a moratorium on approving additional school co-locations in New York City is recommended until the best practices outlined here can be institutionalized.

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