Lessons learned in the field have greater and more enduring value when others can build on them. Since Issuelab’s very beginnings we’ve held that social sector knowledge is a public good, meant to be freely accessible to all.


First started in 2006 as a searchable, browseable website set up to collect and share the social sector’s knowledge, IssueLab became a service of Foundation Center in 2012. Since then, IssueLab’s mission has grown beyond the “simple” collection and distribution of knowledge products, to include the support of social sector organizations in adopting the practical and necessary steps to openly publishing what they fund and produce.

Foundation Center‘s mission is to connect nonprofits and funders to the knowledge they need to do their jobs better and to deepen the impact of their efforts. Through IssueLab we support ongoing learning and research in the social sector, believing in the power of the sector’s collective intelligence and the importance of open and free access to that intelligence.


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IssueLab’s Leadership (more)

Gabriela Fitz
Director of Knowledge Management Initiatives

Lisa Brooks
Director of Knowledge Management Systems

IssueLab’s Collection Policy