Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)



Effective knowledge management and mobilization don’t end with posting your report to your website, or even with posting a copy to IssueLab’s open archive. Users need to be able to access knowledge products well into the future, (even when you change your reports URLs), and knowledge producers need to better understand how and where their knowledge is being accessed. Enter DOIs.


Digital object identifiers (DOIs) provide a way for organizations to start moving toward more accurate knowledge management and knowledge-sharing metrics; to go beyond producing a report to publishing it. When you attach a DOI to your published work you ensure that it’s always discoverable online, allowing you to better track how many times it’s been accessed over time. DOIs also open the door to metrics such as citation tracking and newer alternative metrics, or “altmetrics”, that measure interest and attention paid to works in social media venues such as Twitter and Facebook, and in online news sites such as the New York Times.

It’s difficult to find an article published in an academic or scientific journal that doesn’t carry a DOI since journal publishers automatically apply DOIs to these works in order to manage access and tracking. Now, social sector organizations can do the same for the knowledge they produce. 

IssueLab created its DOI service to help social sector publishers get in on all of the benefits of the DOI. It costs social sector organizations nothing to get a DOI through IssueLab’s DOI service. To get started, add your works to IssueLab and then click here to start your request for DOIs!

If the world of DOIs intrigues you, check out our DOI FAQ to read more about why we are ga-ga for DOIs, and what compels us to offer this service at no cost to publishing organizations.




Answers to frequently asked questions about DOIs are available: