A Power (Grid) of Collective Intelligence

A Quick View on How IssueLab Works


June 04, 2016

IssueLab’s system is built as an open and distributed system. New resources come into the system in a number of ways: directly from individual users and Knowledge Center curators; by harvesting and scraping data from other open systems; and by adding resources to the system ourselves as part of a special project or as part of our general effort to track and discover new research in the social sector.

Once a resource has been indexed and added to IssueLab it becomes part of the sector’s collective intelligence, and is now available to be pulled into Special Collections and Knowledge Centers around the world. It also becomes freely available through issuelab.org, our open API, and our Open Archiving Initiative Protocol (OAI/PMH), which synchronizes with systems like WorldCat in 2000+ public libraries. Once in the system, resources can also be issued a DOI, so as to better enable the collection of metrics on use and to ensure access to the “object” in an ongoing way.

If you want more detail about how Issuelab works and why, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We love nothing more than talking about the interdependence of knowledge systems and knowledge sharing.