IssueLab Joins the SF Homeless Project


June 28, 2016

This week, Twitter’s Medium service is hosting the “SF Homeless Project” event which focuses (but doesn’t limit) attention on homelessness in the San Francisco/Bay Area. IssueLab is excited to be a part of this collaborative action!

“Even if you aren’t in San Francisco or California, your voice matters. Homelessness is a problem that affects too many people in the world — and we need even more people and their ideas to help us solve it.”

We couldn’t agree more. And given IssueLab’s growing collection of ideas, insights, and evidence targeting the eradication of homelessness, we jumped at the chance to share the wealth of knowledge the social sector has generated. To wit, our own Lisa Brooks has assembled and shared her library on homelessness, and added IssueLab’s voice to the Project with a Medium post titled “Solving a Big Problem Requires Big Knowledge“. (More information about the Project is available here.)

Lisa’s “Homelessness in CA, SF, Bay Area” library is built on IssueLab’s new My Library tool which is a great way to quickly and easily create your own special collection of titles you find on IssueLab’s site, or in our Special Collections. Create and share as many libraries as you want! You’ll be alerted when other IssueLab users include one of your saved titles in their libraries — a great way to get suggestions for further reading on a topic. All you need to get in on all of this is a free IssueLab account. If you don’t have one yet, create one here!