IssueLab's Distribution Network

Connecting Your Knowledge to the Collective Intelligence of the Social Sector



One of the largest repositories for social sector research, IssueLab is an open access archive that supplies free access to the full text of the knowledge we collect and preserve. We make it easy for anyone to discover insights and analysis about the social world we share and ideas and strategies about how to make it better.




IssueLab is open access to mainstream and showcase the social sector’s evidence base. One way we do this is with our topical special collections where knowledge seekers can deep-dive into an issue and discover interdependencies across issues. Add your knowledge to IssueLab and chances are high it will land in one of these topical deep-dives.



We make it simple for social sector organizations to create their own open access institutional repositories through our Knowledge Center Service. Use it to quickly create and share an e-library drawing on IssueLab’s collection, your own collection, or a combination of the two. Add knowledge to IssueLab and it very well could find its way into one of the many Knowledge Centers we host.



We freely share the metadata we hold through our data provider services. Add knowledge to IssueLab and make it accessible to our data partners. Or grab our openly licensed data and share it with your audience wherever it is!



IssueLab supports the many practitioners and funders who use other Foundation Center services such as Foundation Center’s grant-seeker tools, mapping tools, and issue landscapes. Just one more way that our open access status lets us bring IssueLab’s content to knowledge seekers where they live.


So now you know! IssueLab is open — and helps the social sector open up — because without open access, none of this knowledge sharing is possible. To learn more about strategies you can employ to become an open knowledge organization, check out our Open Knowledge tools.