Nonprofits and Philanthropy

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Philanthropy's Developers

This issue is devoted to philanthropy's developers -- the people, organisations and networks central to the growth and development of philanthropy worldwide. Whether that's data and research, advice and consulting, training, advocacy or representation, there's an essential and vibrant but under-appreciated eco-system of philanthropy support worldwide. An Alliance Special Feature (part of the Alliance + IssueLab Special Collection).

Explore research for and about nonprofits and philanthropy. Topics include setting up and running a nonprofit, developing funding strategies, cultivating donors and volunteers, funder collaboration, and much more.


This trend line represents foundation funding for research & publication in this specific issue area. Data are from grants awarded by the FC 1000, a national sample of 1,000 of the largest grantmakers by total giving.


Graph represents all funding for this issue area; the highlighted arc represents the proportion awarded explicitly for research and publication.