Knowledge Center Service

A unique offering in the open institutional repository space



Content-rich and connected — our Knowledge Center Service is your total solution for knowledge sharing.

Showcase your organization’s knowledge.

Promote the insights and analysis of your grantees.

Share the works of your network members.

Create a library from IssueLab’s collections.

The Knowledge Center Service lets you leverage IssueLab’s technology to quickly and easily spin up an institutional repository that does so much more than a stand-alone publications section ever could do.

What makes this service truly unique is that your Knowledge Center is part of a larger, networked knowledge management system. Add your knowledge assets to your Knowledge Center and they automatically become part of the collective intelligence of the social sector.


You can lightly customize your Candid-hosted collection or use IssueLab’s application programming interface (API) to bring Knowledge Center content into your environment and preferred design.
Actively curate and add your own titles or select and share titles in IssueLab’s collection. Or Auto-Curate and we’ll save relevant content to your Knowledge Center for you. Your content is shared far and wide through Candid’s web properties, with Candid’s social media subscribers, and with our data partners like Worldcat.

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WKKF Case Study
Case study: The W.K. Kellogg Foundation Resource Directory
Find out why WKKF chose the Knowledge Center Service to share the knowledge it’s funded and published. Access the case study >


Heartland Alliance logo
Showcase your organization’s knowledge.
Heartland Alliance uses a Knowledge Center to share research produced through their Social IMPACT Research Center, a program of Heartland Alliance. Check out this collection – one of three Knowledge Centers that Heartland Alliance maintains.

Barr Foundation logo
Promote the insights and analysis of your grantees.
The Barr Foundation uses a Knowledge Center to highlight the published works of grantee partners and to share the Foundation’s original publication. Check out the Barr Foundation’s Knowledge Center.

NNCG logo
Share your network’s knowledge.
The Network of Consultants to Grantmakers (NNCG) uses a Knowledge Center to share what its membership knows. NNCG uses auto-curation to monitor for new content added to IssueLab by network members. When content is found it’s made available automatically through NNCG’s collection. Check out NNCG’s Knowledge Center.

Media Impact Funders logo
Create a library from Candid’s collections.
Media Impact Funders uses the Knowledge Center Service to share “Reports from the Field”. Our auto-curation tool monitors for any content added to IssueLab that is tagged to our “Journalism and Media” issue area. When content is found it’s made available to Media Impact Funders’ audience. Check out “Reports from the Field”.



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