Launched! Barr Foundation's New Knowledge Center

Special Projects

November 30, 2018

The Barr Foundation’s new Knowledge Center, powered by IssueLab, was created to maximize impact in the Foundation’s issue areas and the broader field. The collection features key learning and work from the Foundation’s partners and includes publications and resources, both current and legacy. Most of the collected works were funded by the Barr Foundation. On occasion items relevant to Barr’s program areas but not funded by Barr may also be featured.


This new collection of social sector knowledge is a terrific example of IssueLab’s Knowledge Center Service. The Service lets you leverage IssueLab’s technology to quickly and easily spin up an institutional repository that does so much more than a stand-alone publications section ever could do. Use the service to showcase your organization’s knowledge, promote the insights and analysis of your grantees, share the works of your network members, or create a library from IssueLab’s collections. More about the Service is available here.