Looking for Answers About Funding Intermediaries

Special Projects

June 23, 2016

IssueLab recently partnered with the Grants Managers Network (GMN) to explore a question that not only affects grants managers but also those individuals and organizations who often serve as the connective tissue between funder and grantee, funding intermediaries.

What GMN wanted to know is this … when grantmakers use intermediary organizations, or “regranters”, they generally do so to expand their capacity or broaden their expertise. But what impact do intermediaries have on grantmaking practices? 

In response, IssueLab searched high and low for reports, case studies, “lessons learned”, conference reports, and toolkits to see what others have already learned about this issue. And what we found out is not surprising. There are both promising opportunities as well as pitfalls to working with intermediaries. The trick is in how we work together.

This IssueLab special collection aims to inform grantmakers about both how intermediaries can ease the flow of critical dollars, knowledge, and support services and how they can at times complicate that flow.

We welcome you to explore the collection, learn more about what intermediaries do, where they work, and what others have learned about navigating both the pros and cons. And if you know of a resource we missed, don’t hesitate to suggest it as an addition to the collection.