Achelis Foundation

New York City, NY |


Assets: $108,674,383
Total Giving: $5,771,400

Giving for some social services including child welfare and disconnected youth, the disabled, substance abusers, ex-offenders and veterans. Education giving includes a preference for K-12 school reform, school choice, and charter schools rather than nonprofits that provide direct services in public schools. The foundation also makes grants to large arts and cultural institutions in New York City. Other interests include voluntarism, entrepreneurship, employment, strengthening the two-parent family, marriage, fatherhood (and father absence), programs that promote self-help and self-reliance, faith-based programs, and prevention and early intervention. The foundation prefers programs that emphasize measurable participant outcomes and program results, innovations and new cost-saving approaches, consumer choice, and parental involvement. In 2015, The Achelis Foundation and The Bodman Foundation merged to become The Achelis and Bodman Foundation.