Rockefeller Family Fund

New York City, NY |


Assets: $133,238,312

The fund makes grants to support advocacy programs that are action-oriented and likely to yield tangible results in four program areas: 1) Citizen Participation and Government Accountability - encourages the organized participation of citizens in government, and seeks to make government more accountable and responsive. This program supports the efforts of nonpartisan organizations to help citizens exercise the right to vote, advocate for structural improvement to systems of government, and otherwise increase opportunities to participate in public policy formation; 2) Economic Justice for Women - supports projects that seek to provide women with equitable employment opportunities and the improvement of their work lives; 3) Environment - emphasizes conservation of natural resources, protection of health as affected by the environment, the cessation and cleanup of pollution caused by public and private institutions, and reasonable implementation and enforcement of the nation's environment laws; 4) Institutional Responsiveness - traditionally the most open-ended of the fund's program areas, its purpose is to provide organizations with the means to influence the policies and actions of public and private institutions.