Russell Sage Foundation

New York City, NY |


Assets: $337,324,093
Total Giving: $5,059,867

The foundation is a private operating foundation devoted exclusively to the conduct and dissemination of research in the social sciences. Its current programs include research on the causes and consequences of the decline in demand for low-skilled workers in advanced economies; the adaptation of U.S. immigrants and their children to American society; the social effects of rising economic inequality, efforts by American institutions to accommodate greater racial and ethnic diversity; and a variety of smaller special projects and research initiatives. The foundation sponsors a Visiting Scholar Program in which individual scholars and collaborative groups pursue research and writing projects related to the foundation's interests at its headquarters in New York City for periods of up to one year. The foundation also provides support for scholars at other institutions to pursue research projects that advance the foundation's research interests. The foundation disseminates the resulting research findings through its own book publishing program.

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