San Francisco Foundation

San Francisco, CA |


Assets: $1,529,601,920
Total Giving: $228,046,930

Founded in 1948, the San Francisco Foundation is one of the nation’s largest community foundations — a grantmaking public charity dedicated to improving life within a specific local region. The foundation's mission is to mobilize resources and act as a catalyst for change to build strong communities, foster civic leadership, and promote philanthropy in the San Francisco Bay Area.Together with community leaders, nonprofits, and donors, the foundation is committed to advancing racial equity and economic inclusion to ensure that everyone in the Bay Area has a chance to attend a good school, get a good job, live in a safe and affordable home, and have a strong political voice.?Learn more about?the foundation's strategy on equity grantmaking: foundation has intentionally prioritized race and socioeconomic status in its grantmaking because low-income people of color face barriers when it comes to housing, education, criminal justice, jobs, and civic participation. The future of the Bay Area depends on the ability to ensure that everyone can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.The foundation wants to make the biggest impact possible on its community.’s why it invests its assets in alignment with its values and with the long-term goal of generating strong investment results. The foundation is proud to offer a new Mission-Aligned Investments Pool, which uses a variety of socially responsible and impact investment strategies that support its commitment to racial equity and economic inclusion, whether by investing in firms led by women and people of color, who have historically faced barriers accessing capital, or by investing in companies whose work directly aligns with our commitment to equity. .

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