The Staten Island Foundation

Staten Island, NY |


Assets: $76,149,180
Total Giving: $3,229,079

The mission of the foundation is to improve the quality of life on Staten Island, particularly for the least advantaged, with a focus on strengthening the community, and improving education, health, and the arts. Strategies to accomplish the mission include financial support through grants; providing leadership for the community; convening and collaborating with grantee partners, funders, and other entities in order to share best practices; and building the capacity of local organizations to better fulfill their missions. All organizations and the individuals working with them learn continually from the results of their activities and services. Applying that learning in order to improve is of particular interest of the foundation. In its grantmaking, the foundation looks to fund opportunities that educate Staten Island organizations and individuals in a way that leads to their learning. The foundation defines learning as a positive change in behavior. Foundation grants are an investment in these changes. The foundation's definition of a successful investment includes strong results for program participants, and strong learnings for the organizations in which the foundation invests.