Stranahan Foundation

Toledo, OH |


Assets: $105,528,574
Total Giving: $3,368,052

Giving primarily for: 1) Education, particularly to support initiatives that will increase the quality of education for students at the pre-school, primary and secondary levels, and/or promote access to quality educational programs; learning institutions that value independent thinking, artistic appreciation, cultural, economic and ethnic diversity, and community service; provide access to programs that offer alternatives to traditional educational opportunities (e.g.: career-oriented or vocational training, etc.); and small manageable programs within institutions of higher learning; 2) Physical and Mental Health, particularly programs that create better access to care, educate people to take better care of themselves and their families, as well as support alternative care methods, preventive measures, and research to eradicate health crises; 3) Ecological Well-Being, particularly programs that preserve or return to healthy, sustainable communities for both current and future generations, conserve and restore the natural environment, as well as educate community members about the natural environment; 4) Arts and Culture, particularly programs that communicate, delight and educate, motivate and build self esteem, build and reinforce communities, and have therapeutic value; and 5) Human Services, particularly programs that offer disadvantaged families and individuals of all ages access to services that meet basic human needs, opportunities to work, recreate and fully participate in community life, and provide avenues for achieving self-sufficiency and making positive contributions to their community.