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IssueLab Results is part of Foundation Center’s #OpenForGood campaign, a combined effort that encourages foundations to more openly share what they are learning, so that others can more easily build on it. The Results collection shares IssueLab’s larger mission, of collecting and openly sharing social sector research, but with a special focus on evaluations. This collection and set of companion tools is a place for foundations and nonprofits to share funded evaluations and to access the lessons of their peers and colleagues.



IssueLab advocates for, and supports, the adoption of open publishing in the social sector. We believe that these practices bring all of us closer to why we produce and invest in social sector research to begin with: to better understand and raise awareness about pressing social problems, and to deepen the impact of the work we do to solve those problems. If your organization is interested in adopting open knowledge practices guidelines and advice are available to download.



We are making it easier than ever for you to share all of the insights and analysis of your organization. Do you have a lot of publications to share? Maybe your organization is sunsetting? Or perhaps you are redesigning your website and want to archive older works? There are a lot of terrific reasons to get in touch. Let’s discuss how we can help you organize and share knowledge bigger and better.