The impact of deep-sea fisheries and implementation of the UNGA Resolutions 61/105 and 64/72. Report of an international scientific workshop

by M. Gianni; P.P.E. Weaver; A. Benn; P.M. Arana; J.A. Ardron; D.M. Bailey; K. Baker; D.S.M. Billett; M.R. Clark; A.J. Davies; P.Durán Muñoz; S.D. Fuller; A.J. Grehan; J. Guinotte; A. Kennys; J.A. Koslow; T. Morato; A.J. Penney; J.A.A. Perez; I.G. Priede; A.D. Rogers; R.S. Santos; L. Watling

Sep 2, 2011